Saturday, December 27, 2008


After I walked to the library to find it closed, a billowy older man and I traded sad faces at the door. We joked about it being nice for a walk anyway.(I am in love with this weather. Damp and Cold). I took the longer way home.. and narrated it.. So I figured now would be the best time to hop on the blog wagon..In short: 
Walked passed memorial home that I've been in twice now for a Great and a Grand. There was an air brushing sound coming from one of the rooms. 
 Walked passed high school. Saw people playing soccer and briefly wished I'd taken up a sport. 
 Walked through synagogue lot. More hissing sounds that I didn't look in to. 
 Cut through sparse trees that have always seemed to be saplings..
 Into elementary school lot. It was so tiny; there aren't actual walls inside, only waist high book shelves. 
Sat on a jungle gym for a while. I took the following pictures a few years ago..
I thought about how displaced it was and how my work has been reflecting that as of late.
Then I thought about how my old classmates have probably had sex where I sat, so I got up.
To this manmade, accidental pond next to the play yard.

It was partially frozen over. There were these rings of iced over grass around its perimeter varying in size. Planetary.. cosmic dust almost.  Stepping on this sounded like wooden floor boards creaking. 
I wanted to jump in because it didn't feel nearly as cold as it should be or I was really thirsty. 
It's funny how pushing into a dense yet malleable surface is comforting. Pressure. Like kneading bread or -
I thought of how women like feel weight on top of them so I left.
Through more scant woodland to cross Rt 537.
Through housing development
Through a hole in a fence
To this park that I don't like at all.

Up the slope. Cross the street. Cut through Nannie's

And home. 

This will be for draws.